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Bulevardul Unirii, Sector 3 (harta)
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Dental Studio, the first Romanian dental clinic which provides visual information, 3D models.
Who we are?
For sure you do not want to solve your dental problems by chance. Dental Studio is the result of over 10 years of experience in dentistry. We permanently try to apply the latest methods of dental treatment and keep the highest level of technology. We follow the adage that it is easier to prevent than to treat and for this reason we try to convince our patient that the health and the beauty of their teeth must become an important objective for them.

Oral health is not a “Hollywood” smile obtained with great sacrifices, oral health means respect for yourself and for people around you, and more than that, an high-class stand.Procedures considered complicated 5-10 years ago, can be done today with minimum effort from the patient. Since the dental implant became a routine treatment, the perspectives of dentistry had been changed fundamentally. The regular visits to a modern dental practice can lead to preventions of a possible dental problem.

50% of teenagers complexes are related to dental health. Wrong spelling, limitative smiles or bad breath are difficult issues that we surely can spare in order to guarantee a harmoniously evolving. Having positive self-esteem may be acquired through keeping yourself in a good shape, at any age.
Why us?
60% of people are very afraid to go to the dentist. And all 60% had oral health problems. Could be a coincidence, or is just a preconceived idea related to dental offices that people don’t ask specialists for help?

Nowadays pain, needles, anesthesia, turbine noise, the possibility of infection with a disease, etc is not a reason of fear and it will not happen in our office.

Our principle, both in life and career, is What you don 't like for yourself don’t do to the others. This requires not only patience and calm but also modern equipment and latest materials. Among other things, you will be more peaceful when you see each procedure on a plasma TV in front of you.

Fortunately, not only for us, the practitioners, we have nowadays so advanced technology so we can perform any treatment, painless, and with great results.

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